SmartGlass, the smart greenhouse roofing

SmartGlass, smart glasshouse roofing In autumn, sunlight is more diffuse and less sharp than in summertime. SmartGlass automatically adapts to those circumstances. In darker periods, the glass ensures that higher levels of sunlight are transmitted into the glasshouse, while diffusion drops. SmartGlass is available exclusively from Glascom International, the independent, innovative flat glass wholesaler that specialises in glasshouse horticulture. Read more about Glascom International.

SmartGlass: the greatest benefit per m2

High light transmission

SmartGlass is so-called float glass (or low-iron glass) offering light transmission levels in excess of 90%. Research has shown that float glass – whether toughened or not – has a higher physical strength than figured glass. Read more about the high performance level of SmartGlass.

Adapting to the season

SmartGlass has a so-called ‘adaptive haze’. If the glass becomes wet or condensation forms, the haze (diffusion of light) drops and hemispheric light transmission rises. In other words in the autumn, for instance, SmartGlass ensures that more light can enter your glasshouse than is the case with other sorts of glass. Read more about how SmartGlass automatically adapts to the seasons.

More light at dark times of the year

No more streaky or dirty glass

SmartGlass attracts water. The etched glass ensures that condensation or rainwater forms a film (rather than droplets). The moisture can then run off to the gutter. And SmartGlass also has a fine surface structure. That means that dirt cannot adhere to the glass. Read more about how SmartGlass cleans itself.


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