SmartGlass, for growers that want to be in control

You want to have control over all circumstances surrounding your growing operations. The starting material, the climate in the glasshouse, the power units, irrigation. You also make the highest demands of the glass. Rightly so. Because you know that light is one of the most important variables you have to deal with.

SmartGlass: the glass with the greatest benefit per m2

The best performance

SmartGlass from Glascom International is the best-performing glass available at present. In terms of aspects including light transmission, haze and reflection, SmartGlass leaves the competition far behind. So our motto remains: SmartGlass, the glass for resourceful growers.

The benefits of adaptive haze

SmartGlass has an ‘adaptive haze’. If the glass becomes wet or condensation forms, the haze (or the diffusion of light) drops, while the hemispheric light transmission rises. With most other glass products, light transmission drops precisely when the glass is wet or when condensation forms. More to the point, SmartGlass becomes anti-reflective during damp weather.

Light is one of the most important variables you have to deal with

Direct light

Diffuse light

The glass for resourceful growers

Clean glasshouse roofing at all times

Many sorts of glass are hydrophobic. That means that water droplets (from rain, for instance) rest on the roofing like a ball. SmartGlass attracts water. Water droplets slide down, leaving behind a film. This means that the transmission of the glass increases.

Hydrophobic glass

Hydrophilic glass

More benefits

SmartGlass offers you even more ‘cast-iron’ benefits::