Increased transmission due to clean glasshouse roofing

As every grower knows, each percentage point of light equals higher output. That quantity of light depends on many variables: the intensity of solar radiation, the illumination angle and the translucence of the roofing. But have you ever stopped to consider the effect of a dirty glasshouse roof?

Dirt can hardly stick to the surface

No more glass washing

SmartGlass means that you will always have clean windows. So you save on the expense of aerial work platforms for washing the glass and, at the same time, maintain optimum light transmission. Not for nothing is SmartGlass the most attractive glass in glasshouse horticulture.

Dirt has no chance to stick

SmartGlass has a very fine surface structure. That means that dirt can hardly stick to the surface. Moreover, the glass attracts water: condensation cannot form droplets (that can streak the glass); instead, it forms a film and runs off to the gutter (taking any dirt and contaminants with it).

More benefits

SmartGlass offers you even more ‘cast-iron’ benefits:

Condensation does not form droplets