SmartGlass, the glass for every season

The angle at which the sun’s rays hit the glasshouse varies from season to season. In the summer months, the sun is high in the sky, so the angle is slight. In the darker months, the angle is greatest. SmartGlass ensures high light transmission in those periods, and forms more haze during the summer months.

SmartGlass ensures that more light gets into your glasshouse in dark periods

Angles from 40° to 70°

When the sun is high in the sky – in the summer – radiation is fine. It is precisely the periods in which the sun is lower in the sky that are crucial to growth. The illumination angles concerned range from 40° to 70°.

The haze drops in damp periods

Transmission, reflection, absorption

The illumination angle has an influence on not just the radiation (transmission). The reflection and absorption also change as the angle increases. Reflection, in particular, rises steeply.

illumination angle 0°illumination angle 60°

hemispheric light transmissionhaze
dry weather81,7%85,0%
wet weather87,7%38,0%

Less haze in wet periods

SmartGlass has a so-called adaptive haze. If the glass becomes wet or condensation forms, the haze (diffusion of light) falls. At the same time the hemispheric light transmission rises, particularly at illumination angles of 40° – 70°. So SmartGlass ensures that more light gets into your glasshouse in dark periods.

More benefits

SmartGlass offers you even more ‘cast-iron’ benefits: